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eValid -- Success Story Summaries
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eValid's browser-based technology for analyzing and testing websites has helped hundreds of customers achieve new levels of accuracy and repeatability in their web applications. Here is a sampling of success stories about how eValid has helped customers in novel and unusual ways.
Download Timing
A major gaming company used eValid functional test monitoring services to analyze the time customers need to download their medium-sized (10 MByte) application. After several months they were able to make server adjustments that decreased total download times and minimized the variance in performance their users has been noting.
PerformanceTest Project
A well known web site that provides backup to a nationally known retail store chain needed to confirm server capacity of a new server complex, based on accurate characterization of the current load in terms of user activity mix.
Remote Measurement & Reporting
A popular auction website used a specially packaged version of eValid to remote-capture detailed user behavior data. The eValid package was deployed to 1000's of field computers to obtain detailed end-user measurement of response time and performance data of how quickly the site behaved in a battery of two dozen separate tests.
Production Monitoring
A commercial monitoring firm uses eValid transactions on commercial basis to protect customers' website investment by assuring availability and response time. The service applies 1000's of plays per day -- over 2 million tests per year -- using multiple machines and multiple levels of sophistication.
Three-Tier Monitoring
A well known e-commerce site uses eValid script-based three-tier transaction monitoring to assure compliance with a minimum performance criteria ("a simulated user has to be able to complete a transaction in less than 120 seconds").
Monitoring Integration
eValid has been integrated into a well-known system monitoring system to provide transaction oriented checking and timing support in addition to standard forms of network status reporting. Dozens of customers are experiencing increased quality of service (QOS) with this combined analyzing and reporting technology.
Transportation System Portal Monitoring
A European rail transportation network uses eValid agents to run multiple Rich Internet Application (RIA) tests of both an internal information portal and a public information/reservation portal. Very high reliability has been achieved in over two years operation.
Remote Loading
Using eValid developed functional tests and a battery of DSL-based test machines, eValid LoadTests were able to overload the website of a well known document storage and manipulation website and identify major system bottlenecks.
Monitoring A Complex Applet-Based System
In an application monitoring context the requirement was to monitor operation of a complex Java applet-based user interface. After analysis of the application we created test scripts that test the multi-window applet-based system that included multiple automated synchronization and validation steps.
Site Comparison
On behalf of a European financial news journal, eValid website comparisons were done of 150 different financial institution websites. The detailed data developed in the eValid scans of these websites was used to characterize likely user website satisfaction in terms of response time, quality and integrity of links, and other matters.
Search Timing
eValid scripts were used to establish actual "below the fold" timing data for a popular web search engine. After analysis of many weeks of data the customer made changes in their site structure that significantly improved response times and result customer success rates.
Medical Examination System Loading
Using a collection of machines to impose load, this web application performance loading project was able to identify changes that led to a three-times performance improvement.
VPN Appliance Testing
A manufacturer of a Virtual Private Network appliance has been using eValid to generate large amounts of web browsing traffic to confirm the quality and reliability of their equipment when applied in "real world" usage. As the result of the eValid analysis the development team changed their internal algorithms to avoid a broad class of served-page processing problems.
Custom Browser Development
A firm involved in developing a sophisticated network monitoring system needed a customer browser to incorporate in their product. eValid built a special version for them, branded to their specification and dressed with their logos. The eValid-built browser component of their product enhanced the value of their business and helped them attract a profitable merger with a much-larger monitoring firm.
Intermittent Server Failure Monitoring
An e-business website was experiencing intermittent, apparently non-repeatable failures which were having a negative influence on sales, but the failures did not appear in any regular pattern. The key idea in the eValid solution was to construct a set of test scripts performing typical actions, run them on 24 x 7 on a 10/hour basis, and wait to generate enough instances of the "intermittent" failures were documented to permit changes to the server software.