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eValid -- EPI Interface -- General Description
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eValid provides InBrowser™ functional testing for web browser enabled applications using powerful techniques based on analysis of the internal properties of the Document Object Model (DOM). The EPI Interface brings these capabilities into the test scripting area by providing a Windows DLL interface that opens up eValid functions to programmer control.

eValid's record/play test engine takes advantage of eValid's implementation as a browser using InBrowser™ technology. By combining browser-internal data, timers, event counters, and direct DOM access, eValid records and replays user activity with unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility. The record/play capability is guaranteed to handle the testing needs of any web enabled application. eValid is ideal dynamic HTML/XHTML based or Ajax-style client-side XML/XSLT & JavaScript centric web development methodologies.

Record/Play Operations
eValid records a script which captures the minimum information needed to replay the exact actions of the user. eValid can handle any combination of parent/child frames, and has special provisions for dealing with PopUp windows, modal dialogs, Java Applets. The engine employs a script language that generic in format but is very powerful. There are over 200 commands available. There are several error flag modes and a variety of script processing options, parameter passing, sub-script processing, etc.

Playback Modes
There is a wide range of playback options, including continuously variable playback speed up and slow down, single step mode for diagnosis of script behavior, special minimum/maximum wait time, build in timer mode with an alarm feature, timing at 1 msec level including detailed page component timing, and special modes for synchronization of playbacks based on page properties.

Adaptive Playback Capability
When web pages change in unimportant ways, the eValid Adaptive Playback feature searches the page for nearly identical information. This keeps the playback process going, with eValid doing the right thing at the right time, but keeping you informed of the adaptive actions taken.

Validation Modes
Test sequences can be validated for a wide variety of objects, text items, HTML properties, images, table cells, etc. eValid has the most powerful Validation Modes available in any web application test suite, so you can program your tests to be sensitive to the right kinds of changes.

Test Creation Wizards
Built-in test wizards can create tests of all elements of a FORM, press all buttons on a page, or that exercise all links on a page (either statically or dynamically).

Parameter Passing & Data Synthesis Mode
Simple parameter passing of the form $name=value allows a script to call another script parametrically, and provides support for the powerful Data Synthesis mode. A parameterized script can be invoked in dozens or hundreds of ways.

Powerful Reporting
Playback reports include event logs, performance logs, message logs, and a user-programmable scheme for a custom content log. All eValid logfiles are available as plain text files, as in HTML format. A variety of charts is generated automatically from each log.

Bonus LoadTest, Regression Testing, Site Analysis Applications
Functional tests can be used to compose a LoadTest Scenario that drives server load with multiple, parallel eValid browsers. The same functional tests can be organized into a Regression Testing Suite. eValid's built in link test wizard can be used in Site Analysis Mode to scan an entire WebSite.

Sample Operational Display
Here is a screen image that shows the eValid browser, the eValid Dashboard controller, the PageMap display, the Script File window, and the Playback Data Summary window.

eValid Record/Play showing script, eventlog, dashboard, green playback summary, and pagemap.

Key Benefits
Here are a few of the main advantages of eValid's functional test and validation engine.
 »  Implemented 100% in an IE-compatible browser.
 »  Ideal for Ajax-based web application development methodologies.
 »  Playback reflects browser-based user behavior data.
 »  Supports XML/XSLT, XmlHttpRequest testing.
 »  Powerful and easy-to-use GUI.
 »  Simplified test recording and editing.
 »  Powerful, generic script language with over 200 commands.
 »  Adaptive playback feature helps preserve script investments.
 »  Wide range of test results validation.
 »  Full multi-frame Document Object Model (DOM) access.
 »  DOM object validation with adaptive playback.
 »  Full warning, error, alarm, and timeout flag processing.
 »  CallScript capability with parameter substitution to magnify script power.
 »  Batch mode interface for background operation.
 »  Automatic interface to eV.Manager for regression suite construction.
 »  Moderate pricing and flexible feature-based licensing mode.