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eValid -- Using 3D-SiteMaps to Identify Good and Bad WebSites
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eValid's 3D-SiteMap charts make it very easy to gain deep understanding of how a WebSite is constructed. With a little practice it is easy to determine good and bad structures from these pictures. How does your WebSite compare?

About 3D-SiteMap Charts
eValid 3D-SiteMaps are generated by eValid as part of Site Analysis runs. Each chart is a complete presentation of the WebSite dependence information also given in tabular form in the Site Analysis Reports. The 3D-SiteMap display is completely dynamic, in full 3D, and adjustable under user control. This format makes it easy to study how pieces of a WebSite or a Sub-WebSite are connected and how they interact. There are some pre-programmed dynamic 3D-SiteMap examples available.

What makes a good WebSite structure and what makes a bad WebSite structure? How does WebSite structure affect usability? How does it affect performance? Can you identify problem WebSites by studying their structure? What kinds of structures do you try to avoid?

There is no best form of WebSite structure nor is there any worst structure. Even so, there are general trends and with a little practice you can easily identify some of the structural features that present the biggest challenge to user friendliness, usability, and delivered end-user performance. Here are some intuitive rules that address these questions. (See also the examples.)

Remember, these are only guidelines; there are always exceptions! Your own experimentation -- and comparison of your WebSite structures with those of others -- will help you develop your WebSite quality sense

Illustrative 3D-SiteMap Examples
Here are examples that illustrate the guidelines described above.

TypeExample WebSite 3D-SiteMaps
Classic Hourglass Christmas Tree Spinning Top Shape Good Heirarchy
Double Funnel Heirarchicaly Dispersed Star Multi Reference
Highly Scattered Connect-The-Dots Too Much Child Reference Multi-Linked
Multiple Reference Site Good-To-Bad-To-Worse Too Many Children Too Strongly Connected

Guideline Descriptions