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eValid -- 3D SiteMaps -- General Description
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eValid's unique dynamic 3D-SiteMap examines your website's internal structure. The 3D-SiteMap display provides a unique way of viewing the results of an eValid Site Analysis run using eValid's website spider capability. 3D-SiteMap displays can be rotated in two axes, expanded, contracted, reconfigured, and annotated in a variety of ways.

eValid's 3D-SiteMap is a powerful visualization tool that displays dependency relationships accumulated by an eValid Site Analysis scan of your website. The 3D-SiteMap can be manipulated to show very great detail and multiple perspectives on how your website pages are organzed and how they perform.
3D-SiteMap Generation Process
Each eValid site analysis run involves visiting a controlled subset of pages at/below a starting page on the website you are analyzing As the eValid spidering function examines each page at and below (dependent on) your starting page, it applies a set of quality filters to each page and as it is working it accumulates a complete set of parent/child dependencies. This data is stored internally and made available to the 3D-SiteMap program at the end of the analysis run.

The 3D-SiteMap diagrams make it easy to gain a deep understanding of how a website is constructed and organized and how well it performs in practice (all performance data is measured from inside your eValid browser, so it is 100% accurate client-side data). After studying eValid 3D-SiteMaps in detail, you can identify Good and Bad WebSites with little difficulty. Problem areas are revealed visually and the feedback loop on deciding how to make changes is immediate.

Live Example
Here is a live example of an eValid 3D SiteMap with data from an actual evalid website site analysis.
To see a 3D-SiteMap on your on machine (requires current JRE) click on this image: Click here to launch example eValid 3D-SiteMap.

Here is the complete description of 3D-SiteMap options: 3D-SiteMap Summary and User Manual

Key Benefits
Here are a few of the main advantages of the eValid 3D-SiteMap display:
•  Build page dependence vs. performance intuition.
•  Study local, global website structure.
•  Identify website problem areas visually.
•  Immediate access to problem pages.
•  Smooth out performance problems quickly and simply.

Sample Screen [Animation]
Here is a sample 3D-SiteMap display, animated to show a few of the various options available.

Sample screen showing eValid 3D-SiteMap (animated display)

Display Manipulation Features
As suggested in the sample shown above, you can manipulate the 3D-SiteMap image in a variety of ways to illustrate and highlight important features.
  • Rotate on two axes (three dimensions).
  • Expand/contract image to emphasize features.
  • Reposition image for best view.
  • Show any page's parents & children.
  • Display immediate family only.
  • Annotate display by download speed.
  • Annotate by page size.
  • Annotate by total link counts.
  • Prune display by depth.
  • Annotate with URL name.
  • Select URL endings to display.
  • Select URL tags to display.