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  • A Cool Tool
  • tool, very easy to use...Catches any loose ends that have been just did what it was supposed to.... "eValid is a cool tool, very easy to use. Install it, click on the icon, browse to your web site, hit record and just do your stuff. Press stop when you have finished. Then hit replay and off it goes - magic! It managed to activate the controls within our Java applet too.
    The link checking is good. Catches any loose ends that have been overlooked. The quick start manual is just that. I just read the first bit and got going. Frankly if anything takes more than half an hour to get going round here, it is dead in the water. We just don't have the time.
    For once there was no messing around; it just did what it was supposed to."
    -- Louise Clarkson, Software Engineer, XebEc McGraw-Hill [UK]
  • Automated Testing for Regression, Load, Performance
  • not only can perform functional testing... This tool is very useful and powerful; it not only can perform functional testing but also can perform pressure [load] testing. - Qi Li, Team 12,(USC) [USA]
    ...only regression product for complex mapping... We found eValid to be the only regression product that could handle our complex mapping application. Better yet, it took about 25% of the time to build a test compared with our existing (name withheld) product. Even better, eValid's eVimagediff utility let us run tests successfully with automated comparisons at the end, something (name withheld) couldn't do at all.
    --William W., Test Engineer, (Graphics Processing Firm) [USA]
  • Browser Advantage For Testing Web Applications
  • ...very easy to use as we had to check for large amount... Our team found it [eValid] very easy to use as we had to check for large amount of data in form of documents, images and digitized documents for load testing. Moreover it performs line-by-line checking and catches any loose ends that have been overlooked.
    --Amogh Paradkar, Team 13, (USC) [USA] easy and cost effective solution... Skyworks offers a comprehensive family of components and RF subsystems, and also provides complete antenna-to-microphone solutions that support advanced 2.5G and 3G services. Advanced web-browsing load tests are required to ensure top quality of our wireless internet GPRS system solution. eValid was an easy and cost effective solution to generate load scripts and monitor client - side performances.
    --Mathieu Imbault, QA Engineer, (Skyworks, Inc.) [France]
  • Cost Effective
  • ...first cost effective test our Citrix based... "eValid is the first cost effective tool I've found that allows me to test our Citrix based client/server applications from an end-user's perspective."
    --Mark Ohlrich, Product Manager, AremisSoft. (Hospitality Industry) [USA]
  • Most Complete WebSite Testing Product
  • ...most complete WebSite testing product... "eValid is the most complete WebSite testing product I've seen. It's the easiest to use among all those we evaluated."
    -- Raul Morales, WebSite QA Engineer, (FitLinxx) [USA]
  • Runs Out-of-the-Box
  • ...eValid was easy to set up... "I was quite impressed with the ease of install and operation of your product. Out of the box, eValid was easy to set up and I was running Load, Performance and Event tests on our product in less than an hour of playing with eValid."
    --Don Moreaux, HealthCast (Health Delivery) [USA]
  • Simplicity of Scripting
  • ...simplicity of the scripting... "...our general impression of eValid [is that it] was easy to install and run, and we're very impressed by the simplicity of the scripting. It's at least an order of magnitude easier than the scripting offered by similar tools, which seem to need dozens or hundreds of lines of code to do what eValid does in a few lines. The load testing was even more impressive, running a load test the first time we tried it, in contrast to the other tools we've looked at."
    --Jeff Pearson, Manager, Avaya (Web Services) [USA]
  • Security
  • ...ability to work with our security implementations... I was very impressed with eValid's ability to work with our security implementations and feel that, for the money, eValid is one of the best testing tools on the market.
    --Robert H., Software Engineer, KCG [USA]
  • Application Monitoring
  • ...on transaction monitoring tools...eValid came out on top... "Commerce One, Ask, Macromedia, Google. They all depend on their e-business systems for their success. And they depend on 24/7 operation support services to ensure those systems are humming, every minute of every day. It's not hard to see why choosing the best tools to deliver our services is critical - we really did our homework on transaction monitoring tools and eValid came out on top."
    -- Glenn Meisenheimer, Groundwork Open Source [USA]

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