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Browser-Based Client-Side Functional Testing and Validation, Server Loading, WebSite Mapping & QA, Web Page Timing/Tuning, plus Quality & Performance Monitoring.
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eValid -- The Internet Quality Authority
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eValid enhances your e-business success by assuring that your WebSite is trouble-free, reliable, speedy, and available 24x7. In a Web-paced world your WebSite is your key asset. eValid checks, protects and insures.

eValid Products

eValid's Test Enabled Web Browser™ is a test engine that provides you with browser based 100% client side quality checking, dynamic testing, content validation, page performance tuning, and webserver loading and capacity analysis.

This new cutting-edge technology 100% client side based and is completely object-oriented. eValid offers a unified approach to WebSite testing that is unique in its simplicity, power, efficiency, effectiveness, and superior ease of use.

By focusing entirely on the users' view of WebSite quality, eValid results are accurate, complete, repeatable, and highly effective -- all as experienced by your users. The eValid test engine is available in several product configurations.

  • Testing: eValid test scripts can exercise the key parts of your site, confirm links, check content, and simulate users' activities. Make sure your customers get the right message!
  • Validation: eValid can confirm selected content, validate document properties, images and applets. Have confidence that you are delivering correct information!
  • Tuning: eValid timing capabilities let you identify slow-loading pages so you can "tune up" your site for optimum performance. Keep customers from clicking away!
  • Loading: eValid load testing scenarios can simulate 100's or 1000's of users. Can your WebSite handle the traffic when a serious crunch comes?

eValid Services

eValid website quality services are all based on the eValid test engine, and are are supported through training, consulting, and technical seminars.
  • Standard Monitoring: eValid monitoring, based on the eValid test engine, runs standard tests on your site. eValid's 24x7 website performance monitoring provides for email and/or pager/beeper alert service, plus customer access on our WebSite to historic testing and monitoring data. Be the first to know whenever your site is misbehaving.
  • Custom Monitoring: Use eValid test services to contract us to run tests you have recorded and proved out yourself using the standard eValid test engine. Custom eValid test executions run on standard intervals, in varying time zones, and are all 24x7. Make sure your own tests run successfully all the time.
  • WebSite Testing, Qualification, Verification, Loading: eValid consulting services include WebSite testing, test suite development, WebSite qualification, e-commerce verification, and WebSite loading and capacity checking exercises. All work is based on application of the eValid test engine plus other non-released WebSite analysis facilities.
  • WebSite Quality Consulting & Seminars: eValid website quality experts can work along side your web developers to make sure your site meets the highest reliability, quality, performance, and capacity standards. eValid seminars and workshops are aimed at bring your own team up to speed.

eValid -- Your E-Business Partner

eValid -- offering products and custom services -- is your one stop solution provider for WebSite quality. eValid is your true e-business partner.

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