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eValid -- PowerPoint Tutorials
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Product eValid
eValid testing from the browser.

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Product eValid
Familiarize yourself with the eValid interface.

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Product eValid
Learn how to understand eValid's logging functions and logging preference options.

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QA Site
Learn how to analyze local or remote WebSites.

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QA Link
Learn how to use the eValid Link Wizard to confirm that links on a particular page are valid.

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Loading Server Loading Create, run, monitor and evaluate an imposed load on your WebServer.

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Testing Page
Examine a page to see which elements take the most time to download, which is useful for optimizing page download times.

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Testing Performance
Examine a set of pages to evaluate the average download times for pages served from your WebServer

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Testing Login & Logout Learn how to validate your WebSite's authentification process.

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Testing E-Commerce Learn how to simulate user activity on a transaction based Web service. Take advantage of eValid's ability to "maintain state".

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Testing Applet
Learn how to use eValid's Advanced Recordings with embedded applications such as Flash and Java.

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Testing Modal Dialogs Learn how to manipulate modal dialogs.

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Testing Video Learn how to validate embedded video.

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Testing eV.manager Learn how to use eV.manager to run test plans.

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Monitoring Timer
Learn how to set an alarm that, at a specified time threshold, will perform an action that can include Email notification.

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