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General Description
eValid licenses are HostName-based or MAC-address-based concurrent licenses that can be configured in a variety of ways to meet customer requirements.

Individual eValid product features and feature groups are controlled via feature keys in the eValid license. Each feature key activates an individual part/feature/facilitie within the eValid product installed on that HostName or MAC address.

The eValid product sequence: Help > License Info shows which features are installed on that HostName or MAC address. The eValid product sequence: Help > System Information shows details of the machine on which it is installed, including the exact machine HostName or MAC address.

Licensing Options
Here are the basic licensing options for eValid. These options cover most circumstances, but different network structures and different customer requirements can also be served on special request. See also the Access Options.

There are seeveral lasses of eValid license:

  1. Personal License
    An eValid Personal License is intended for use by one individual. While a Personal Licenses will include many of the features of the Standard Licenses, they do not include all of them.

    The features that are included support the quality-assurance and testing work of one person, including regression testing, but they are not intended for use in a multi-user, commercial, or for-profit context.

  2. Standard License
    Standard eValid licenses provide for "single machine, mutliple user" operation of the eValid test engine.

  3. Web Enabled Commercial License
    A web enabled eValid license requires authentication via a live web connection to special license authorization software that runs on the servers for eValid An Commercial License is one example of Web Enabled Licenses.

    At eValid authorization time the associated web agent is informed by secure HTTPS of the eValid license features requested, and the web agent provides the appropriate authorization by a return secure HTTPS message for the HostName or MAC address making the request. Detailed records of usage of Web Enabled Licenses are kept.

    Web-enabled licenses will not be suitable for "air-gapped" or internal LAN operation because of the web authorization requirement (it could not be met from an isolated installation).

  4. Commercial Lease
    A Commercial Lease of eValid empowers the user to use eValid for direct production of income. Special modifications of the standard End User License Agreement, and accordingly such leases are negotiated on a case by case basis.