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Reference Pages
Here are some basic reference pages:

Basic Facts
Here are basic facts about your DEMO or EVAL license.

Most eValid functions are available within the capacity limits and with certain other restrictions described here. These limits should not affect your ability to assess eValid's functionality and to match eValid to your website testing and QA needs.

Evaluation License Limitations
The EVAL and DEMO licenses to the eValid product have these restrictions:

Site Mapping Limits
The powerful "spider in a browser" feature lets you run a variety of tests on Websites that include a wide range of production methods. Site mapping is activated only for EVAL licenses. Because the analysis is client side you'll have no problems doing detailed analyses of complex Websites.

Record/Playback Limits
Functional tests are very simple and very powerful with eValid's InBrowser technology for recording and playback. Remember, these scripts can form the basis for detailed timing/tuning, for monitoring, for functional test suite development, and also for server loading.

Website Loading Limits
eValid imposes load on a server by running multiple eValid instances that assure 100% realism. This is the ultimate simplicity in load scenario scripting -- you use selections from your functional tests. eValid does all the rest.

eV.Manager Limits
The DEMO key can only run existing scripts (supplied examples). The EVAL keys provide for full eV.Manager operation.

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