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eValid -- V9 Current Build Information
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Each new eValid Version 9 (V9) build includes changes, additions, improvements, and corrections compared with the prior build(s).

It is always best to use the most-recent eValid version. eValid users should update eValid by downloading and installing the current build in place of the current one, using these FTP addresss:

Here is a description of the eValid International Edition [eValid/I], which can be downloaded from this FTP address:

Note that a single machine can have either eValid OR eValid/I, but not both. Either can be installed "on top of" the other without difficulty (you don't have to uninstall before re-installing).

eValid -- Most Recent Build
eValid V9, Build #325, 02 August 2015
Download Size:
Standard Edition: 8,938,604 Bytes
International Edition (DBCS): 10,068,427 Bytes

Build History/Contents Highlights
V9#325 Recompilation to incorporate latest OS environment changes. Incorporates additional browser security updates beyond those included in V9#324. Supported platforms are XP, Vista, W2003 Server, Windows 7 (32-bit), and Windows 8 [8.1]. Supported browsers are IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, and IE 11.
V9#324 Recompilation to incorporate latest DLL changes. From this date forward we no long support Win2000. Supported platforms are XP, Vista, W2003 Server, Windows 7 (32-bit), and Windows 8 [8.1]. Supported browsers are IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, and IE 11.
V9#323 Incorporates additional browser security updates beyond those included in V9#322.
V9#322 Incorporates various browser security updates in support of 64-bit versions of Windows (Windows 7 and 8/8.1). Also provides minor corrections to product-internal processing of certain EVAL and DEMO licenses, extends certain functions to operate with SSL (HTTP/S protocol), and refreshes various Java Applets with recompiles that incorporate security certificate processing and support.
V9#320-V9#321 Provides confirmation and updates in support of IE 10 and IE 11 on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Also updates eValid patent portfolio information.
V9#319 To provide support for additional editions of eValid we have made certain changes to the required feature key for some commands. These changes are effective for all versions after eValid this build. See the V9 Feature Key Definitions for a description of STAN, PROF and PAGEMAP functionality.

The affected level changes are only for the STAN, PROF, and PAGEMAP feature keys. If you are currently running with a license pack that includes the PAGEMAP feature key you will not not any changes in eValid behavior. See Feature Level Changes Summary to learn about the changes made.

V9#317-#318 This build includes additional minor changes needed to support W8 and IE10, and also reflects the newly issued USPatent #8,495,585.
V9#315-V9#316 This build includes changes needed to support W8 and IE10, and also now reflects the newly issued USPatent #8,392,890.
V9#314 This build includes minor technical changes and now reflects the newly issued USPatent #8,327,172.
V9#304-V9#313 These builds include miscellaneous product changes to correct several small technical licensing issues and to incorporate additional support features for recent Windows OS releases. These builds have been confirmed to support IE9 and Windows 7.
V9#303 This build includes changes to update the eValid patent and IP declarations that are present throughout the product.
V9#302 This build includes minor changes in DOM processing that improve accuracy and efficiency.
V9#294-V9#301 These builds represent a sequence of incremental changes and minor modifications and extensions to eValid and some of the product subsystems that are intended to assure compatibility and interoperability with the Windows V7 operating system and the latest version of IE, IE9.
V9#292-V9#293 These builds includes numerous minor upgrades, performance improvements, and repairs of various kinds throughout the product.
V9#291 In addition to various adjustments and modification, this build includes a new SQL/MySQL interface that automatically updates an attached MySQL database with the outputs produced in a specified eValid EventLog.
V9#288-V9#290 This build includes numerous upgrades, performance improvements, and repairs of various kinds throughout the product, and also includes extension of license support to MAC-Address.
V9#285-V9#287 This build includes numerous upgrades and repairs of various kinds:
  • Introduced new command, WaitClick delay, to feed a click to a desktop at a specific location, after a specific delay, to resolve desktop focus issues.
  • Introduced new utility, eVclick.exe, that implements a WaitClick after a delay at (0,0) on the screen, or at (x,y) on the screen.
  • The Email command has been upgraded to work in more instances.
  • Some adjustments were made to some of the required feature keys for certain playback commands.
  • Change were made in the file processing for the IndexSave and ValueSave commands to make their behavior more uniform in relation to similar eValid commands.
  • Changes were made to improve recording reliability by changing the rules on when a NO_NAV is added to a recorded command that does not induce page navigation.
  • From this build forward a NO_NAV is never recorded in any circumstance; that is, navigation synchronization logic is assumed to apply for any command that involves page navigation. (Previously, a NO_NAV was appended to a FollowLink in some situations, resulting in incorrect playback.) If a navigation action is supposed to NOT be synchronized, then the NO_NAV modifier can be added to a FollowLink or IndexFollowLink command, the only place where that modifier is allowed.
  • A NAV tag on a command can be safely removed provided that the resulting page navigation is synchronized with a followup synchronization command or with a Delay of sufficient length to guarantee synchronization.
  • $_SourceIndex and $_ElementValue are now reserved variables that can be accessed dynamically in scripts.
V9#284 This is the first V9 public-release build.
V9#281-V9#283 These are V9 public-release candidate builds, used for in-house testing and checkout only.