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eValid -- Validate & Synchronize Text String
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General Description
This pulldown can be used after selecting (highlighting) a passage on the current screen. You highlight a selected text with a left-click and drag.

Validate & Synchronize Test String

Pulldown Sequence
During recording mode only, with script defined and open:

eValid: Record > Validate > & Synchronize > Text String

Recorded Script Command
The recorded script command shows the following:

SyncOnText 0 "Selected Text" "frame_path"

Script Playback Behavior
At playback time eValid reads all currently visible text from the browser window (or window frame, if a non-empty "frame_path" is specified) and attempts to determine if the specified "Selected Text" passage is present.

If it is, playback continues to the next command.

If not, after waiting the currently specified Synchronization Retry Interval, which is specified in msecs, eValid attempts to match the "Selected Text" in the current page.

Command Shortcut
For convenience and to save time during script recording you can use the Ctrl+Y shortcut.

Error Message(s)
At record time, if no text is selected (highlighted) you are shown an error message and no commands are written to the test script file.