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eValid -- Playback Synchronization on Visible Text -- Command Description
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This command allows for synchronization of playback based on the appearance of a particular string as visible text on a page.

Strong Synchronization Commands (With Adaptive Playback)
PROF SyncOnText wid "text" "frame_path" Record
Allows the user to select text to be validated. eValid will wait until the text is found or until the time threshold (as set in the Advanced Preferences menu) is reached. This command is accessible from both the eValid window and with Ctrl-Y. If no frame_path is specified the command assumes "frame:0".

Recording Operation
At record time, as commanded by the user with the eValid GUI or with the Ctrl-Y shortcut, this command extracts the user-highlighted text from the current page and adds the command to the current script. An error is issued to the user if there no highlighted text is found.

Playback Operation
This command causes playback to waits through successive tries until the specified text string appears as visible text on the screen. This check is done by interrogating the DOM for the page, for the particular specified frame/iframe, in a timed loop. The command searches all elements on the page to try to find an innterHTML property value that contains the specified text string.