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Reserved Variables
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eValid supports import of reserved variable values for the current script. These value substitutions will be applied to the script file at the start of playback.

The general syntax for import of an environment variable into a script is:


where _name is one of the variables described below.

Reserved Variables Definition
The following reserved variables are available for use in your script.

Current IndexMotion Command information (Structural Testing Data Values)
$_SourceIndex Current value of sourceIndex.
$_ElementValue Current value of elementValue.
Machine Characteristics and eValid Data
$_HostName Machine host name (assigned by LAN administrator).
$_eValidVersion The current eValid Version.
$_eValidBuild The current eValid Build Number.
Date and Time Data
$_Year Year (a 4 digit number, e.g. 2002).
$_Year2 Year (a 2 digit number, e.g. 02).
$_Month Month, in the range 1 - 12 (1 = January).
$_Month2 Month, in the range 01 - 12 (01 = January).
$_MonthFull Full month name, e.g. "January".
$_MonthAbbrev Abbreviated (3-character) month name, e.g. "Jan".
$_Date Day of month in the range 1 - 31.
$_Date2 Day of month in the range 01 - 31.
$_WeekdayFull Full weekday name, e.g. "Sunday".
$_WeekdayAbbrev Abbreviated weekday name, e.g. "Sun".
$_Weekday Day of the week, in the range 1 - 7 (1 = Sunday).
$_Weekday2 Day of the week, in the range 01 - 07 (01 = Sunday).
$_Hour Hour, in the range 0 - 23.
$_Hour2 Hour, in the range 00 - 23.
$_Minute Minute, in the range 0 - 59.
$_Minute2 Minute, in the range 00 - 59.
$_Second Second, in the range 0 - 59.
$_Second2 Second, in the range 00 - 59.
Playback Characteristics & Parameters
$_RunCount The run count in the current browser, when the user employs the Control Playback > Run Multiple, > Run Forever, or > Run Synthesized modes.
Project Description Variables
These variables are "live" during playback of any script and they always reflect what eValid is using as the actual current values of the quantities in the Settings.
$_CurrentPath Path name to the current working folder.
$_Project Name of the current project folder.
$_Group Name of the current group folder.
$_Test Name of the current test file.
$_StartURL The URL which eValid is currently viewing at start of playback.