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Message Summary
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eValid writes messages to the Message/Error log based on what happens in the playback. This is an explanation of those messages and their meaning.

In all cases the messages in each class are arranged in increasing order of severity. That is, the worst types of message tend to be at the bottom.

Group Message ID Explanation
OK Message Group

Everything is OK.

Playback will continue normally.

OK Everything is OK.
MESSAGE Something occurred during playback (e.g. re-direction) that the user may be interested in.
WARNING Message Group

Something is wrong.

Playback should continue normally.

ALERT Something erroneous occurred (e.g. could not access byte count of document).

Not something the user can fix. Playback will continue normally.

WARNING Something is broken, but playback can continue as normal.

Can be fixed.

ERROR Message Group

Serious Errors were encountered.

Playback will probably NOT continue normally.

ALARM OvertimeAlarm was set and went off, i.e. the time limit was exceeded. The user-specified text field is recorded into the message/error log.
TIMEOUT Page did not load within the specified download time.

Playback will fail until next GotoLink or GotoLinkSubmit.

ERROR Something is broken and future playbacks are likely to fail, but can be fixed.
FAIL Something went seriously wrong. Usually this is a browser or system error.

Cannot be fixed. Playback is likely to fail.