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eValid -- eVclick.exe Utility
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In some cases eValid needs to issue a click into the windows desktop. This is done with a special command, WaitClick delay, that invokes the eVclick.exe utility.

This kind of activity is often needed to "unstick" a playback action that is waiting for any kind of response from the desktop. The effect of the command is to force the object located under the click location to return to focus.

Script Language Syntax
The syntax for this eValid command in an eValid script is:

WaitClick delay

where the delay is the number of milliseconds to wait before sending a click to the desktop, where the target of the click is the (0, 0) position of the desktop screen.

Command Line Syntax
If you invoke the eVclick.exe utility from a SystemCall command or from a batch script you can use either of these two formats:

eVclick delay x y
eVclick.exe delay x y

The click is delivered to the (x, y) location on the screen, measured in pixels from the upper left hand corner location (0, 0), after a pause of delay milliseconds. x = y = 0 is a valid set of values for x and y, but those values need to be specified (i.e. not blank) in the eVclick.exe form of the command.

User Advisory
The user is responsible to make sure that the click, when delivered, is interpreted correctly by the desktop relative to the intended purpose of the script.