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eValid -- Detailed Information about Whitespace Processing in eValid
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This page outlines how "whitespace(s)" are handled within eValid's *evl and *evs script files and commands, during playback and/or loadtesting.

eValid Behavior Within  *evl  Script File(s)
During loadtesting, eValid proceeds to load every "_eValid..." command by assigning each parameter into their corresponding processing fields. If there are any TAB(s) and/or BLANKSPACE(s), then depending on which fields we are dealing with:

eValid Behavior Within  *evs  Script File(s)
During playback of an .evs, all TAB(s) and BLANKSPACE(s) are allowed. Whether this translates into a whitespace and/or is ignored will depend on the parameter(s)/field(s) involved:

TAB(s) and/or BLANKSPACE(s) can be detrimental to eValid's *evl and/or *evs processing when not applied properly, especially in instances where no syntax error generated at the onset. Unintended introduction of real TAB(s) and/or BLANKSPACE(s) combinations which alter the script comands and/or create differences between actual website properties will/can alter eValid's expected pass/fail behaviors. i.e. OK vs. ERROR log file status.