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eValid -- HTTP Vs. eValid -- Analysis of Differences
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This page compares the results of simple HTTP requests with full-fidelity eValid page requests. The differences are very important in reporting/interpreting eValid LoadTest results compared with other non-browser based products.

In load testing many products impose load on the web servers using simulated or synthetic HTTP transactions.

On the other hand, eValid does NOT do this but, instead, applies loads that result from multiple copies of the eValid browser running in parallel on one or more computers.

The differences between the load imposed can be VERY significant, as the example below makes clear.

Here is a section of the eValid event log generated during page download playback that shows the detailed times of each page component.

To get this level of data into the eValid event log we turned on detailed timing in eValid: Settings > Record/Play Preferences > Project/Log Management section > Log Output > Detail Level > Detailed.

Sample of eValid event log showing detailed timing data for one page download.

Note from the data shown in this eValid event log fragment: