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eValid -- Acid Tests for eValid Problems
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This page describes some simple "acid tests" for commonly encountered eValid browsing, recording, and script playback problems.

Viruses, Environment Quality
Please make sure that:

In case navigating to a page causes a problem in eValid, here is the procedure to use. Troubleshooting steps at this point are:

  1. eValid may be in an unusual internal state due to prior playbacks, etc. Try closing eValid and relaunching eValid and then navigate to the same page.

  2. Copy the URL from the eValid Address region and copy it into the Address section of an IE browser.

    There are many pages, including some from otherwise very sophisticated websites, that freeze in IE. There are even some Microsoft pages that, ironically, now and then freeze the IE browser!

    Also, we know that the IE browser has some unusual protections against "bad JavaScript including what is called an anti-spinning preventer, which actually kills a JavaScript loop and "goes on". eValid assumes that pages are of good quality and does NOT have any "correct the users' errors" features.

  3. If the page works in IE and fails in eValid without showing the JavaScript flag, please let us know the URL of the page.

  4. Check, using the Windows Task Manager, to make sure there are no rogue evalid.exe that may not have closed correctly. If there are any, please close them and relaunch eValid.

Playback Freeze-Up
When a playback script "freezes up" -- script playback reaches a particular command and stops -- there could be quite a number of reasons for this. When eValid is asked to navigate directly (from a command) or indirectly (with a NAV parameter appended to an action command) the eValid browser will wait:

  1. Until the navigation completes

  2. Until the eValid "Maximum Download Time" parameter is exceeded

Troubleshooting steps at this point are:

  1. Verify that the page to which eValid is trying to navigate passes the "navigation test" by making sure that the page browses successfully in eValid.

  2. Verify that the page is not prevented from being navigated to by local file permissions. Make sure that the page browses successfully in eValid.

  3. Make sure that navigation to the page is not prevented by network security software, e.g. filters and blockers.

  4. If the page displays in IE but fails in eValid playback please let us know and include in your report: (1) the script you were playing; (2) the eventlog that was generated; (3) a screen-shot of how eValid appeared when frozen.