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eValid -- Testing SalesForce -- Example #1
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The application, which represents one of the earliest "Software As A Service (SAAS)" offerings, is well known for its very sophisticated use of JavaScript. Because of its internal complexity, and also in part because the application is under constant modification and update, successful functional testing of the SalesForce application has always been somewhat challenging. Movies of the successful application of eValid to SalesForce are available here.

Test Plan
Below is the testplan for Example #1. (The SalesForce account used is a temporary one; it may not be available in the future.) The idea of the test is to log into the account, create a new unique customer, add some data to that customer's record, confirm that the new customer data is present, and then log off.

Developing the Test Script
The SalesForce Example 1 Test Script illustrates eValid's success with this complex example. This example was developed using certain practical guidelines, gained by our real-world experience with the SalesForce application itself.

We have seen that the "current instance" of the SalesForce JavaScript can change, with behaviors that are identical to a prior version, but with internal changes that cause a variety of test playback problems. In other words, while nothing in the application appears to have regressed, sufficiently many changes occur so that even eValid's Adaptive Playback feature can't overcome them. Accordingly, we made our recording and post-processed the script according to the AJAX Recording Protocol.

Here is a summary of the changes made after the "from life" recording was made:

Final Script and Playback Variations
The completed Example 1 Test Script incorporates all of the changes needed for this particular test plan, after first making a "from life" recording using the AJAX Recording Protocol. You can look at a sequence of Screen Images taken after each step in the test plan.

There are YouTube movies of the automated test playback, with two variations (click below). In both cases you'll see eValid launched, opening and positioning of the Script Window and opening and positioning of the EventLog Window. After test playback starts by clicking the Play Icon, you'll see: (i) the script steps marching through highlighted in the right-hand window; (ii) the activity in the EventLog in the bottom window; and, (iii) the activity in the evalid browser as it drives the SalesForce application in the upper left.

Standard Speed Playback
  Full Speed Playback

Compatibility Note
SalesForce has recently enhanced the security of their website, and the above script may not work "out of the box."

You may need to create your own account and make appropriate changes in the script. Alternatively, you may use your own SalesForce account and start the eValid playback at the section AFTER the login section (i.e. run the script already logged in).