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eValid -- Morfik Synchronization Method Explanation
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This page documents how eValid supports playback synchronization on applications built with the Morfik Development System.

Basic Method
Pages may not synchronize during playback... Time based synchronization is undesirable...

Morfik has supplied eValid users with a special DOM property and corresponding value that is always included in any Morfik-built page.

Name Value
id xfrmXappMain
externalsynch READY

Here is a simple explanation of what's going on:

Script Modification
Here is the script modification that corresponds to the above described actions. This script is one of eValid's Playback Synchronization on DOM Element commands.

# Copyright (c) 2009 by Software Research, Inc. 
# Recording made on: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

ProjectID "Project"
GroupID "Group"
TestID "Illustration"

ScreenSize 1280 960
FontSize 2

InitLink ""

# MANUALLY edited/added syncing script command replaces Wait...
SyncOnSelectedObjProperty 0 0 "externalsynch" "READY" \
	"id" "xfrmXappMain" ""
# When eValid playback proceeds past this commend you know that
# Morfik's downloading work is finished.