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eValid -- JQueryMobile JavaScript Error Explanation
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A script error detected in a public-access URL may suggest a serious JScript coding problem in the underlying application.

The eValid browser detects and reports JScript errors because it is [by design] intended to be intolerant. Other non-eValid browsers either ignore or suppress such script errors. See the explanation at: JavaScript (JScript) Errors During Browsing.

The fact that the target URL is indicated as a "Legacy Version," and that a more-recent version may be available at JQuery Mobile 1.4.2 Demos does not change the validity of this example because use of the JQuery Mobile 1.3.2 Demos (which contains the issue described here) suggests that the issue is widespread.

This simple script starts at and then attempts to navigate to the demos area of, and then to This is a published page that is identified (as shown above, among other places):

The eValid script evalid.evs actually used is shown here:

The eValid Breakpoint command has been edited into the recorded script to stop playback after the target page navigation has been completed. (This also prevents the script playback from ending before the key information has been collected.

Playback Results
When played back, this script results in the following page when navigation is attempted to

Here is a portion of the eValid playback EventLog file. This file was generated with the eValid "detailed timings" option turned ON. It shows that at script playback time 32875 (32.875 seconds) a script error was encountered at a specified location that indicates that the forEach property or method is not supported.

The specific text of the message that eValid generated is:

Encountered script error, line: 29, char: 5, error: "Object doesn't support property or method 'forEach'", code: 0, URL:

Here is the complete eValid EventLog File.

Cautionary Note
The information above was collected in June 2014. Attempting to load the URL on some machines on current versions of the Chrome browser has been known to cause a complete Windows OS system abort ("blue screen of death") requiring hard-boot recovery. Extreme caution is advised.