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eValid -- EventLog Reports -- SQL Details
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Each test playback produces an EventLog file. The information in this file is also available as an HTML document, described in the Logfile Formats & Content Description.

Standard Names
The eValid Standard Names for the SQL data in this report are the following:

EventLog SQL Record Structure
1Runid number
2Date date
3Time time
4Sequence number
5Command number
-Script (Note)
-Project (Note)
-Group (Note)
-Test (Note)
6Status string
7Elapsed number
8FineTime number
9CommandTime number
10E1 string
11E2 string
..... string
41E32 string


  1. The values in the actual log file for Scriptname, ProjectID, GroupID, and TestID are actually available in the Summary record. These spots in the table are maintained for clarity when comparing this format with eValid-produced EventLog file.
  2. The variables E1...E32 are the non-blank strings that appear in the comment section of an eValid Logfile to the right of the command line colunn. Only the first 32 such fields are included even if there are more fields in the actual Logfile.