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Page Metrics Popup
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The Page Metrics Popup is intended to act as a complexity monitor as you navigate WebSites with the eValid browser.

Sample Display
Below is a sample of the popup you see when you have the Page Metrics Popup feature turned on. Here are the Metrics Definitions.

Metrics Popup Display

Turning On Page Metrics Popup
You can toggle the Page Metrics Popup display ON and OFF by accessing the eValid Tools > Metrics Popup pulldown, as shown here:

Tools > Metrics Popup

When activated you will see a check mark next to Activate.

Once activated the Page Metrics Popup stays ON until either you turn it OFF by un-checking the "Activate" option, or when you start an eValid recording or playback session.

Operation Mode
The Page Metrics Popup is available to you whenever you use the eValid browser. The Page Metrics Popup shown always apply to the current page (the page you have just viewed).

If you have the Page Metrics Popup activated and you close the display, the data is kept in memory (for the duration of the current eValid browser run). If the display has been closed, it will pop up after the next complete navigation.

Metrics PopUp History
The Page Metrics Popup keeps a history on pages visited and provides average statistics on the sequence of pages visited. To clear the history use the sequence eValid: Tools > Metrics Popup > Reset.

Metrics For Multiple Frames
The data shown is always for the first frame if there are multiple frames. To read the metric data for other frames on the page, position the cursor within the frame in question and use Ctrl + Left Click to toggle to the data for other frames.

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