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Page Metrics Popup Definitions
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The Metrics Popup is intended to act as a page complexity monitor that analyzes pages as you navigate through WebSites using the eValid browser.

Here are the definitions of the values displayed in the Metrics Popup.

Display Category Metric Name Technical Description
Starting URL The URL of the page (this is a live link to the page).
Base Page Size Size in bytes of URL base page.
Page Last Modified Time stamp for the page (Note that dynamic pages will show current date & time).
Bytes (newly) Downloaded Total number of bytes downloaded & cached
URLs (newly) Downloaded Total number of URLs downloaded & cached
Download Time (secs) Time taken to download and render the page
Number of HTML Elements Count of all Tags on the page
Number of Frames Count of all FRAME Tags
Number of IFrames Count of all IFRAME Tags
Number of HyperLinks Count of all HREF's in A & AREA Tags
Number of Images Count of all images on the page
Number of Hidden Fields Count of all INPUT Tags with type=hidden
Number of Inline Scripts Count of all SCRIPT Tags
Number of Executable Objects Count of all OBJECT Tags, includes Applets, Flash, etc.
Number of LINK Tags Count of all LINK Tags (found in HEAD)
Number of META Tags Count of all META Tags (found in HEAD)
Visible Text Character Count All visible text characters (including Title)
Total URLs Viewed The total number of URLs viewed (this is the number upon which the Average (Avg) and Current (Cur) values are based.