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eValid -- Site Analysis Complete Data Table
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The eValid site analysis engine can produce a Complete Data Table that can be used for secondary analysis purposes. This table, if selected, contains all of the details about each page that eValid visits during a site analysis run. This page describes that table. The table is available in HTML and in that form all of the columns are sortable in increasing or decreasing alphabetic order.

Important Usage Note
The eValid Site Analysis Complete Data Table contains a great deal of information and if the website being analyzed is large, e.g. over 1000 URLs, the size of the table can become excessive and its value can be limited unless the data is converted into a database for detailed analysis.

Table Contents
The eValid Site Analysis Complete Data Table contains the following information. The table is displayed in HTML where the columns are sortable up/down as is the case with other eValid site analysis reports. There are options to view it as a pure-text file (blank delimited, quoted string format) or as in a spreadsheet.

Field NameExplanation of Values (Each Row Of Table)
Basic Page Properties
Number The sequence number of the URL in order of visitation.
Title The title of the URL or "(No Title)" if the title tag is empty.
Status This is the return code produced by the page.
In color if return code > 400.
Suffix Suffix of URL, e.g. HTML or JPG or GIF or other type of suffix, e.g. .jsp [before the ?].
Offsite Flag Yes/No, based on whether URL is part of the currently defined website.
Page Download Data
Download Time Total download time.
Bytes DownloadedTotal bytes downloaded for this URL.
Date Time stamp associated with URL.
Last-Modified Time stamp of last modified date for the URL.
Page Metrics
HTML Elements Number of HTML elements in the page.
Visible Visible text character count
HyperLinks Number of hyperLinks.
Frames Number of frames.
Iframes Number of iframes.
Images Number of images.
Hidden Number of hidden Fields.
Scripts Number of inline scripts.
Executables Number of executable objects.
LINK Number of LINK commands.
META Number of META commands.
Page URL
URL The complete URL.

Implementation Notes
This data is displayed in HTML format and is based on an internal file that contains the same data in structured format.