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Variable Fidelity Playback in eValid LoadTest Operations
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eValid allows the user to produce scripts which can produce a dynamically variable playback realism in LoadTest mode by using the powerful yet flexible commands in eValid. To create a load test script with variable fidelity, follow the simple steps outlined below.

Record Individual Tests
The functional tests (*.evs) that the user records from the website make up the load test scenario. Listed below is a few examples of functional tests that can be used to create a load test script.

Fidelity and LoadTypes
To create tests with varying fidelity, add the "Serve TYPE" command in the load test script file to produce a special effect on the script line where the "Serve" type has been changed. Depending on the type specified, the user can use the "Serve FULL" and "Serve TEXT" command in conjunction with the "LoadType MODE" command that allows the user to designate the FULL, THIN, or LITE version of the eValid playback engine.

Type of Service LoadType FULL LoadType THIN LoadType LITE
Serve FULL Yes Yes No
Serve TEXT Yes Yes No
Serve URL* Yes* Yes* Yes**

* Note: The "Serve URL" command can only be added to the evs scripts since it processes URLs only. For more information on fidelity and load types, please see the eValid documentation.
** Note: The eValid LITE key enables the Serve-URL-only playback mode for up to 1000 simultaneous users per instance.

Creating and editing the LoadTest Script
As an example, we will use all of the possible Serve & LoadType combinations in our LoadTest script.

  1. Create a new LoadTest with the individual scripts (*.evs) created.
  2. Create 5 instances of the transaction script from the LoadTest Script Form. We will run these scripts using the default value of the LoadType (FULL) and the Serve (FULL) commands.
  3. Insert the "Serve FULL" and "LoadType THIN" command to load the next instance of eValid as a thin client.
  4. Create 5 instances of the long test script from the LoadTest Script Form.
  5. Insert the "Serve TEXT" and "LoadType FULL" command to render the pages without any images using the full eValid browser.
  6. Create 2 instances of the short test script from the LoadTest Script Form.
  7. Insert the "Serve TEXT" and "LoadType THIN" command to render the pages without any images using the eValid thin client.
  8. Create 3 instances of the short test script from the LoadTest Script Form.
  9. Insert the "LoadType LITE" command to playback the script using the eVLite Agent.
  10. Create 1 instance of the navigation script, adding n (where n is the number of virtual users and has a maximum of 1000 users per eVLite playback) number at the end of the line as a parameter for the eVLite playback.
  11. Save and load the script (*.evl) created.

  12. The final load test script should look something like this:

    ProjectID "Project"
    GroupID "Group"
    TestID "Variable_Load"

    # The first 5 tests will use the default (FULL) values of the
    # LoadType and Serve commands

    _eValid "Transaction.evs" "Transaction_001" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Transaction.evs" "Transaction_002" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Transaction.evs" "Transaction_003" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Transaction.evs" "Transaction_004" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Transaction.evs" "Transaction_005" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"

    Serve FULL
    LoadType THIN

    _eValid "Long.evs" "Long_001" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Long.evs" "Long_002" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Long.evs" "Long_003" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Long.evs" "Long_004" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Long.evs" "Long_005" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"

    Serve TEXT
    LoadType FULL

    _eValid "Short.evs" "Short_001" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Short.evs" "Short_002" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"

    Serve TEXT
    LoadType THIN

    _eValid "Short.evs" "Short_001" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Short.evs" "Short_002" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"
    _eValid "Short.evs" "Short_003" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI"

    # eVLite Agent to simulate 500 users
    LoadType LITE

    _eValid "Navigation.evs" "Long_003" "5" "" "-pm 1 -CI" 500

    # End of Script

  13. Play back your script.

Parameter definition:
Here are the definitions of the components of a single line in a LoadTest Script (*.evl).

Note: See eValid documentation for additional parameters. The web site under test should now have a varying and realistic type of load test generated from a single application.