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eValid -- Keyboard Short Cuts
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eValid uses function keys and certain keyboard combinations for most of the functions needed during creation of scripts that test WebSites. See also the Function Key Summary.

Key(s) Description Key(s) Description
Function Keys Open Files
F1  (Reserved as Windows Help Key) Ctrl-Shift-O Open LoadTest File [LOAD License Only] 
F2  Cache Manager Ctrl-Alt-O  Open Script File
Ctrl-F2  eValid Preferences Ctrl-N  Manually Create Script
F3  Start Site Analysis Ctrl-Alt-N  Create LoadTest
Ctrl-Alt-D  Launches Dashboard Ctrl-S  Save *.evs/*.evl File
F4  Start Recording / Stop Recording
F5  (Reserved for Browser Refresh) Ctrl-Alt-X Exit Secure Zone
F6  Start Playback / Stop Playback Ctrl-Alt-Z Enter Secure Zone 
F7  Single Step Playback Ctrl-Alt-I Secure Data Id 
F8  Pause | Resume Playback Wizards
F9  Run Multiple Ctrl-Shift-B Button Test Wizard 
Ctrl-Alt-F9  Run Synthesized Ctrl-Shift-F  FormTest Wizard
F10  Send Script to eValid Ctrl-Shift-L Link Test Wizard
F11  Toggle Absolute Mouse Click Recording View (Dialog Boxes)
F12  Toggle Application Mode Recording Ctrl-Alt-A View All Logs
Ctrl-F9 Run Forever Ctrl-Alt-E View Event Log
Shift-F4 Insert-Record Ctrl-Alt-G  View Graphs HTML Page 
Validation Functions Ctrl-Alt-L View Load Test Log
Ctrl-Shift-Y Validate Document Byte Size Ctrl-Alt-H View LoadTest HTML Monitor
Ctrl-Shift-E  Validate Document Elements Ctrl-Alt-M View Message Log
Ctrl-Shift-I Validate Selected Image Ctrl-Alt-P View Performance Log
Ctrl-Shift-M  Validate Document Last Modified Date Ctrl-Alt-S View Script File
Ctrl-Shift-C  Validate Document Checksum Ctrl-Alt-T  View Timing Log
Ctrl-Shift-P  Validate All Document Properties Preferences Dialog
Ctrl-T  Validate Selected Text F2 Cache Manager
Ctrl-Shift-T Validate Selected Table Cell  Ctrl-Alt-F2 Opens Advanced Preferences Dialog
Ctrl-Shift-U Validate Document URL Ctrl-Alt-F3 Opens Site Analysis Filters
Ctrl-Q  Validate Screen Rectangle Tools Menu
Ctrl-Y  Synchronize on Text String Alt-M Default Mail Program
Ctrl-Shift-A  Validate All Applets Alt-I Internet Options
Ctrl-Shift-D  Validate All Element IDs  Alt-S View Source
Ctrl-Shift-J Validate All Images Ctrl-F Find
Ctrl-Shift-X Validate All Body Text Script Dialog
Ctrl-Alt-C Validate Clipboard Text Ctrl-S Save Edits
Timer Functions Ctrl-N New
Ctrl-A Set Alarm Ctrl-Alt-O Open evs.file
Ctrl-R Read Timer Ctrl-Shift-O Open evl.file
Ctrl-Alt-R  Reset Timer Ctrl-E Edit
Advanced Recording Ctrl-Alt-T Open Text Editor
F11 Toggle Absolute MouseClick Recording Ctrl-L Line Numbers
Ctrl-F11 Toggle Absolute MouseOver Recording Escape Hide Window
Ctrl-F12 Toggle Desktop Mode Recording Ctrl-Alt-I Include Comments
Alt-F11 Toggle Element Mouseover Recording