Your e-Business Quality Partner eValid™ -- Automated Web Quality Solution
Browser-Based, Client-Side, Functional Testing & Validation,
Load & Performance Tuning, Page Timing, Website Analysis,
and Rich Internet Application Monitoring.

eValid Function Keys Summary
Key(s) Fn Ctrl+Fn Ctrl+Alt+Fn Shift+Fn Alt+Fn
F1  (Windows Help)        
F2  Cache Manager Preferences Advanced Preferences    
F3  Start Site Analysis Site Analysis Preferences Site Analysis Filters    
F4  Start / Stop Recording     Insert
F5  (Browser Refresh)        
F6  Start Playback / Stop Playback        
F7  Single Step        
F8  Pause / Resume        
F9  Run Multiple Run Forever Run Synthesized    
F10  Send Script to eValid        
F11  Record MouseClick Record MouseOver     Record Element MouseOver
F12  Application Mode Desktop Mode