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eValid -- EPI Supported Commands
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This page identifies all EPI-supported commands from eValid's Script Language , organized in major functional categories.

To run any command from the EPI interface you need the EPI feature key. Commands that execute in eValid may require that the STAN, PROF, PAGEMAP, GEN, or SITEMAP feature key be present, depending on the command.

Almost all eValid commands are available with the EPI interface. However, some commands, such as OnErrorGoScript for example, are unnecessary because control issues are not needed with scripts engineered through the EPI interface.

The commands listed below link directly to their eValid definitions. Arguments to the method calls in an EPI-based program are defined in the epi.h Header Definition file.

FollowLink   GoBackTo   GoForwardTo   GotoLink   InitLink   Redirect   Reload   
Timing & StopWatch
Delay    ElapsedTime    Wait    PauseTimer    ResumeTimer    ResetTimer   
Cache Management
DeleteCache    DeleteCookies   
Wait Time/Date Manipulation
IdleTimer    WaitDate    WaitDateTime    WaitHH    WaitMM   
WaitModHH    WaitModMM    WaitTime    WaitTimeMod    WaitRandomUniform   
Synchronization Support
clSyncRect    clSyncRect    SyncOnScreenRect    SyncOnText   
Lock    Unlock   
Playback Oriented
Adaptive    Breakpoint    PlayValue    MessageBox    MessageWindow   
SecureDataID    AuthenticateUser    EnterSecureZone    ExitSecureZone    SetUserAgent    WaitRedirect   
Element-Oriented Events
ElementClick    ElementDblClick    ElementMouseDown    ElementMouseOut    ElementMouseOver    ElementMouseUp   
ButtonClick    GotoLinkSubmit   InputImageClick   InputValue    ResetClick    SubmitClick   
Link Check Wizard
DynamicLinkCheck    DynamicLinkCheckX   
ValidateClipboardText    ValidateDocumentBodyText    ValidateDocumentChecksum    ValidateDocumentElements   
ValidateDocumentLastModified    ValidateDocumentSize    ValidateDocumentTitle    ValidateDocumentURL   
ValidateSavedSelectedImage    ValidateSavedSelectedText    ValidateSavedWindow    ValidateSavedWindowFace   
ValidateSelectedApplet    ValidateSelectedCell    ValidateSelectedID    ValidateSelectedImage   
ValidateSelectedObjProperty    ValidateSelectedText    ValidateSelectedValueRange    ValidateSelectedValuePercent
String Matching
MatchString    MatchNotString   
DOM-Based Synchronization Support
SyncNotOnElementProperty    SyncNotOnSelectedObjProperty    SyncOnElementProperty    SyncOnSelectedObjProperty   
Extracting DOM, Page, and Screen Content
SaveSelectedObjProperties    SaveHTML    SaveFullHTML    SaveMessage   SaveSelectedText   
SaveSelectedImage    CompareImages    SaveVisibleText    SaveWindow    SaveWindowFace   
Index Motion Commands
IndexElementClick    IndexFindElement    IndexFollowLink    IndexMove   
IndexSet    IndexSubmitClick    IndexInputValue   
Absolute Position Commands (Application Mode)
xyLClick    xyMouseOver    xyLDrag    xyRClick   
clLClick    clLDrag    clMouseOver    clRClick   
Window Management
FontSize    ScreenSize    SubFrameSet   
Keyboard & Desktop Operations
Script Manipulation and Annotatation
ExitNow    StopAndExit    SaveRecord