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eValid -- eValid Programmatic Interface (EPI) Feature -- Summary
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Synopsis: The EPI feature provides a direct COM-based interface to eValid commands that is accessible programmatically from C/C++/C#, Java, PERL and VB programming environments. All of the navigation, validation, synchronization, adaptive playback, DOM based analysis, and activity logging features of the eValid test engine are available.

Use of the evalid programmatic interface feature allows a user to convert an actual eValid script into a form that can be incorporated into (alphabetic order):

Technical Background
eValid scripts are semi-static -- by design -- in that the eValid scripting language is simple, generic, agnostic, and is not cluttered with unnecessary programming language details. The result is a test scripting system that combines expressive power and clarity with ease of use.

In some cases, however, the availability of the full power of a procedure oriented language may offer the website or web application tester significant advantages. For example, using eValid function calls from within a programming language would allow for the use of loops, data structures, conditional executions, extraction of values, special synchronizations, etc.

The EPI approach has a number of important advantages.