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eValid -- EPI Service Interface Description
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The page describes an available version of eValid that is implemented with the EPI Interface that can be used in a "service" role. In effect, the eValid scripting language is "exposed" in a way that allows internal detailed operation by the user. In this mode eValid becomes an effective directly-controllable full-featured browser.

Outline of Operation
The goal of this "service" type interface is to make it possible to treat an instance (or instances) of eValid in a highly interactive way, such that the operations by eValid appear to be a "service" function.

Here are the basic architectural features of this special EPI executable:

  1. Create a new eValid session, using standard setup as specified by a locally defined eValid Profile.
  2. Execute script commands (or script command sequences) when they are copied into a local buffer file.
  3. Read the current eValid EventLog from a defined local file.
  4. Close the eValid session.

Detailed Description
For each of these basic steps here is a detailed explanation:

Commands Supported
The actual interface supports essentially all of the available eValid commands that support function and regression testing. but some commands -- e.g. those involved with server loading and with site analysis -- are not available through this interface. Supported Commands shows the complete list of commands supported by the EPI interface.

Delivery & Licensing
This interface is available in two forms:

The standard EPI license feature is required.