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eValid -- Testing With DOM Interactions -- Guide to Examples
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This page presents eValid example scripts that illustrate use of the index/motion (structural testing) DOM manipulation commands. These scripts were developed using the available DOM Technology Resources to accomplish the results.

In most cases the index/motion (structural testing) scripts are extremely robust in that these passages do not depend on specific properties, but only on objects and effects that can change location and visual detail.

Tests built using these techniques survive the effect of dynamic page changes, including inconsequential changes that don't affect functionality. Yet they also address playback synchronizaton issues and can still provide fine-detail client-side performance data extraction.

Link (Opens in New Window) Short Example Explanation
Navigation to URL Shows how to navigate to a particular URL.
HTML Push Button on a FORM Locate and click on a push button on a FORM.
Radio Button On A FORM Locate and push a radio button on a FORM.
Check Box On A FORM Locate and check a particular box on a FORM.
Single Form Text Input Field Find a particular text field in a FORM and type something into it.
Multiple Form Text Input Fields Type in multiple files in a FORM.
First Item in Dropdown List Click on the first item in a dropdown list.
Third Item in Dropdown List Find the third item in a dropdown list and click on it.
Nth Item in a Select Box Choose the Nth entry in a select box and click on it.
Select Two Elements in a CheckBox Select two elements of a checkbox with multiple elements.
Find and Follow a Specified Link Find a link based on knowing something about it and then follow it.
Find A Dynamic Tag And Click It Locate a dynamic element tag and then click on it.
Text Entry Into a JavaScript Editor Field Find a particular input field that is handled by a JavaScript passage and type a specific text into it.
Validate That One Item Matches Another Extract two values from different spots on a page and compare the extracted values.
Using Regular Expressions Using the IndexFindElementEX command to find using multiple name=value pairs.