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eValid -- Wait Time Multiplier Details
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During test script creation, the real-time recording mode inserts Wait nnnn commands to account for user think time. On test playaback these times can be modified with the Wait Time Multiplier to increase or decrease the simulated think time.

Wait Time Multiplier Limits
The Wait Time Multiplier multiplies the value recorded in the script from the "Wait" command with the value that is set in the playback preferences. The minimum value is 0, effectively removing all the "Wait" commands recorded in the script file while the maximum value can be set to100.

Preferences Settings/Commands Affected by Wait Time Multiplier
These commands/settings are affected by the setting of the wait time multiplier. Depending on the value set on the Wait Time Multiplier, these commands can increase or decrease the total think time of a script playback. Below are some details on how the Wait Time Multiplier affects certain commands:

Preferences Settings/Commands Not Affected by Wait Time Multiplier
These commands/settings are NOT affected by the setting of the wait time multiplier from the playback preferences.

Additional Comments
In some cases, pages which contain multiple elements such as FLASH Objects, JavaScript files, applets need to be synchronized either through text rendered in the page (SynOnText) or through screen rectangle captures (SyncOnScreenRect) to ensure reliable script playback since the recorded "Wait" commands in the script with such objects are sometimes not enough to prevent the playback from de-synchronizing.