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Affiliate Opportunities
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eValid welcomes inquiries from individuals worldwide and who are in a position to partner with us as Software Research Affiliates in developing advanced concepts of web analysis and automation.

The general areas involved in our activities -- the use of analytic processes applied to internet based activities -- is one of very high interest at the USPTO. There are typically 1,000's of new patent applications in this general technology area filed with the USPTO each week.

By taking advantage of the new rules for the new American Invents Act (AIA), as detailed in the USPTO AIA Implementation Information area, as part of their activity our teams will attempt to obtain IP protection for concepts developed via utility patent applications. Depending on interest in the concept, these applications may be carried forward for full patent protection.

Please send information about yourself and your experience, including a link to your resume and experience summary, to; Special login keys are required to access project folders.