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Off-site Outbound Link Confirmation Test Example
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The Off-site Outbound Link Confirmation Test establishes that outbound off-site links are live.

Recording The Test

Start the test by loading your website. For our example, we will use eValid, Inc.'s website located at

Start RecordingSelect Record > Start Recording to start recording your script. Find a link on the page that refers to a link off of the current server.

Validate URL Once you reach your off-site link, validate the URL by clicking Record > Validate > Document > URL. This will ensure that the page was in the same location as compared to when the script was recorded.

Validate Text Highlight some text with the mouse and then issue a Validate Text command by selecting Record > Validate > Selected > Text. You can also select an image to be validated by first highlighting it, and then selecting Record > Validate > Selected > Image.

Stop Recording Select Record > Stop Recording to stop recording your script.

Outbound Link Script Click on the thumbnail image to view the completed script file.

Typical Playback

Click Playback > Start Playback to begin the playback process.

Once the script has finished playing back, click Window > Logs > Event Log to see the outputs of the event activity.

Event Log Click on this thumbnail to see a sample event.log for an Off-site Outbound Link Confirmation test.

Lessons Learned

eValid can confirm outbound off-site links. This process demonstrates the features of Follow Link Validation, the Validate Selected Text function, and the Validate Selected Image function.